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Rguns silver tip 148gr 7.62x54r

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Is this ammo fine to use in a PU sniper and SVT40.I do not know if its hotter machine gun ammo?
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Should be just fine. Its LPS.
I have shot alot of this ammo in my PU. Works real nice and is fairly accurate.
Case lot for $170, decent price and good ammo to boot. I'm ordering a couple of cases tomorrow.
I just ordered the 440 rd tin.I just saw the same stuff at my local gun shop for $21 for a 20 rd box
ouch ! Delivered it comes to $5.22 for a 20 rd box from Rguns.That a good profit for that gun shop over $15 WOW talk about greedy.I could see $10 a box of 20
I've shot tons of russian and polish st, they are both good. The only problem I ever had was with a case of 1971 dated russian st that had a few hang fires. I just blasted it all up with my svt. Some of the polish st was as accurate as they come. I still have several thousand rounds of polish and russian lps to use up, with the prices the way they are I think I'll have to take my time and hope for a quick end to the war and an influx of cheap ammo. I can wish anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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