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PM'd me about a 1903 he wanted to sell. Emailed me pictures to personal email I provided. When asked for another picture of a card/paper with my user name next to the receiver so that I could verify he actually had the rifle (as there' been a lot of scammers here), he went silent.

Researching the pics he sent, they are from 10/8/2018 post from I see no indication in profile that he is the same person (but can't disprove either), but asking mods to check.

It's too suspicious and I've already discovered one scammer here in the last month. I see where he's posting on other threads to probably build a positive reputation. Please use caution with this person.

I'd suggest members here ask for something similar before proceeding with a sale - a simple pic of the item with your user name beside it. A legit seller shouldn't mind but a scammer will never comply as they don't have the item to begin with.

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