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Reworked Antique Carcano

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I bought an 1891 Carcano at a car show today. I had hoped to add it to my WW1 collection. It has Torre Annuziata and 1898 on the barrel and is in decent shape. The barrel number has been re-stamped on the stock, and the stock is also marked FAT 1947, so it has obviously been refurbished. I noticed in googling the Carcano that a prominent on-line seller has several similar rifles for sale, which are also antiques, but he claims were refurbished after the second world war. This one bears no import stamp, but maybe does not need one.
Why did the Italian arsenals (I suppose FAT stands for Terni) refurbish these rifles. Who was the customer? I would have thought that the 1891 would have been way obsolete by 1947.
Thanks for any info.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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