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Got this new puzzle.

Earlier this year I bought a Westinghouse that turned out to be in a repaired M91rv stock that was updated with a Finn M91 forend so there are no forend patches. See first 4 photos.

I bought this 1900 Tula in September and was just looking at photos of it and had to dig it out of the safe.

The patches could be random repairs but I want to check other opinions.

The right side stock patch is much like the M91rv patch but slightly more rectangular (approximately 2 x 1 1/4 inches vs 1 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches on the rv.) There is no left side stock patch.

The forend shows unusual (to me) patches. One side shows a pair of patches and the other side just has the hole patch.

Any Ideas?

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I bought a cut-down butchered M28 in a painted camo cut down stock for parts years ago from a Pawn shop on the way to Louisville and Knob Creek. I put it into parts and about a year later needed wood for a stock repair. I slopped some paint remover on the entire stock and powerwashed it of after a good sit. It had a similar patch done to the stock and I mentioned it on here. Someone suggested a reused RV stock more than likely at that time and it sure looked very similar to your pics. I think the remains might still be out in the shop wood pile. Neat what one can find with a careful look at times huh? Bill
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