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I picked up this Japanese bugle up for wall display. Most of the one's I had seen on ebay looked kinda ratty and averaged $150.

This one has a red rope with some fading evident. The screw is is missing near mouth-piece and the chain is only attached at one end.

Looking for several things

- Value(s) and confirmation that is Japanese WWII era?

- How is the chain used and what should it attach to?

- This is going to be a wall hanger. I do not know diddly about brass instruments. I fully support minimalist cleaning and preservation techniques. Are their cleaning methods for cleaning the inside and preserving the rope?

- Anyone know where I can get the proper screw for the mouth piece latch for this model?

Thanks for the input...


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The chain, is to attach the mouthpiece, to the ring adjacent to it. The mouth piece is removable for cleaning. (Spit removal) If you can find a replacement screw, with "wingnut" head, it's value should be well over $200.00. Very nice cord on that one. Contact member Don Schlickman: [email protected] Maybe he can make a replacement screw?
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