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I am a cheap plinker. Since 7.7 Japanese (Hornady @$1.1, PCI @$0.8)is the most expensive ammo among my toys, I borrowed my friend’s press and did my first reload.

Die: Lee 3 pc die set $22
Brass: Prvi, 7.7x58 primed, @$0.39
Brass: 8mm, free from my fired ammo
Bullet: Prvi, 303 cal (0.311”), @$0.14 (soft point & FMJ)
Shipping on above 3 items: $4
Primer on 2nd reload: free from my friend, detail will follow
Powder: free from my friend, detail will follow

I have loaded the Prvi brass twice, no problem at all. It seems FMJ is easier in reloading.

In order to reduce my cost further, I loaded the FMJ bullet with some old 8mm brass. Please refer to the photo, from the **LEFT**:
1. 8mm brass
2. 8mm brass with FMJ bullet: I removed the firing pin, loaded the ammo in the chamber and ejected them.
3. 8mm brass after firing from a T99
4. Prvi, 7.7x58 primed brass with soft point bullet

I reloaded the fired 8mm brass again. They worked flawlessly.
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