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removing slide question.. IT CAME OFF!! THANKS

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I bought a spanish model 1918 BRONCO in 25acp tonite at the GS from Bob in stl. Bob has some very nice items at his tables! OK..he showed me how to remove the barrel but... how the heck does the slide come off of this pistol??? thx Z

UPDATE...I got the slide off tonight...I removed the barrel as before..but instead of slowly releasing pressure on the slide..I just popped the safety down and it literally FLEW off lol
I will still need to replace or repair the side safety lever to replace the key but all is well now. thanks to all who responded
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After removing the barrel, holding one hand in front of (or at least a good grasp on the slide) release side lever, and slide should come forward off the frame.
Hhmmn - going to have to think about this one.
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