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Hello Jani,

I first thing you have to determine if it is an original Navy Carbine or fake.
The caliber of the carbine was 50-45, not 50-70, it is a shorter cartridge.
There should be an anchor stamped on top of the barrel between the rear sight and the receiver, also the serial number is stamped on the left side of the barrel, above the wood line of the forearm in front of the receiver. There also should be P/FCW above a small anchor stamped on the right side of the receiver. The shell extractor should be a small squire stud found on the breech block in front of the firing pin hole. The firing pin should be spring loaded. The top of the receiver tang should be stamped with a 2-line Remington patant dates ending in 1866. There should not be a carbine ring mounted on the left side of the receiver. There should be a sling swivel on the bottom of the barrel band and one mounted to the bottom of the butt stock. The top of the butt plate should be stamped US. If these things are not present the gun could be a fake. Years ago Dixie Gun Works sold the carbine barrels and people were putting carbines together from parts of other rolling block rifles to look like an original carbine. Orginal guns are very scarce Values can range from $1000 - $2500.
Hope this helps.

Have a Merry Chrismas,
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