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Hi MP, Retread is probably right. A "shooter" M1911A1 is worth 800 bucks. Remember the pure (ie completely original) A1s are fairly scarce. The unit armorer, at the company level, could switch parts, including frames and internals at will. Keep the weapon up & running was his job. Collector's were not considered (bummer!). Any how, unless there is some egregious fault with the your pistol, it is a US Government issued weapon which was in the hands of the troops. The last production of US ordered M1911A1s was in late 1945. $800 today but how much in 2012? When I bought my first M1911A1, I paid $45 HARD earned dollars for it. I wish I had kept it. I have two US GI M1911A1s and one Colt Series 80 clone so I have a more than a passing acquaintance with these things. Sadly, not an expert. Regards, Ray
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