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A friend of mine has found a 1891 Remington with what appears to be the original finish, nor rust, no pitting, very good bore - it has a Czarist crest but I forgot to ask the date. However, the stock has been cut down into a sporter. There are no import marks. Will a standard 91/30 stock fit this rifle? Is there a good source for metal and wood parts for the Model 1891's? And last, he is wondering if it is it worth $145. Bolt matches, by the way.

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The cutdown stock hurts the value and increases the "hardness factor" for finding parts. Its tough finding NOS M91 stocks. Or even old M91 stocks for that matter. Handguards can be had. They come and go as far as being tough to find. Military Gun Supply may still have handguards. Barrel bands are kinda tough. Just put a post on the WTB forum and you should get a reply. If not, fleabay or some other auction sites carry them.

A standard 91/30 will fit. As long as it headspaces okay, everything should be alright. Why need a new bolt if it matches?

Probably not worth the price. But is it still in 7.62x54R or is it 30-06?
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