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I am sure that is how you remember it Bill, I was there at that age too and remember ogres for teachers too, but perhaps they remember it a bit differently. After knowing my share of teachers over the past 30 odd years of adulthood, I can see things from a different perspective too. Thirty restless, noisy (when they need to be quiet to listen for say tornado), not listening, kids in a hall wanting to be anywhere else (maybe missing lunch or recess) while they have to watch and make sure that they stay safe and keep heads down and protected from flying objects, plus watch out for weather conditions and the all clear, a rather interesting task to be sure I think . There are always two sides to every story.

I remember going through some of the neat stuff packed away in the school and a store I worked at which was a designated shelter. I wanted to open the boxes and look at it but that was a nono, but I sure was curious.
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