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Noticed an old metal sign on a building the other day ... from back in the day ...
For those old enough to have grown up or lived through the Red Scare 50's-60's-70's when fear the bombs would start falling any minute and the world would end up in nuclear winter and total destruction, you probably remember the Civil Defense Shelter.
Any (govt) building, schools, hospitals, etc. with underground space was designated as a shelter. Metal signs were posted on the outside. Basement storage areas were crammed full of cases of K rations, drums of water, geiger counters, gas masks, blankets, cots ... you name it. There were even Civil Defense Wardens (if you took the classes about radiation and fallout).
If the sirens sounded, you were supposed to run to the nearest shelter and bunker in until it was safe to come out. There was much propaganda, even TV commercials on the nuke threat.

Many of these survived decades. School basements crammed with all this stuff covered in cobwebs.
It wasn't until quite a few decades later that it was admitted that it was all Govt. hoax BS to convince the populace that you would somehow be safe and sound and if the bombs had dropped, almost everyone would have been toast in any event.
There was never a good accounting for the billions of dollars spent.

Now, we have FEMA camps!
Don't that make you feel secure?
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