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What?? Duck tape and plastic tarps arnt enough??

We had white WW1 type helmets and Cherry or Lemon hard candys, with C rats and canned water in our Elementry schools bunker ~~LOL!!~~ We would march from class, inline, stay 10 minutes or so in there all quiet like and listen to the school speaker, suckkin' hard candys and thinking how frikkin maddening it was someone could kill me , at any time, at the push of a button. I remeber watching a teacher open a C-rat for us kids and take a drag off the cigarette that was in it (anyone could smoke anywhere back then) and he nearly fell over. I still feel that creepy feeling of being cramped in and seeingthe teachers getting agitaed that that some kids were loudly slurping their candys, and thinking "Man, if The commies don kill us , the teachers will"
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