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Originally posted by Mag;

Topic: Reloading for and shooting the Type-38
Posted: 03 Sep 2007 at 6:44pm
Here is some data for the 6.5mm Type-38 rifles and carbine, plus the Type-I rifle. The first thing you need to do is Slug your bore, the earlier Type-38's have a much larger bore than the later rifles. The earlier rifles can have bores as larger as .261 [ land ] .272 [ groove ] . Those rifles will have normal boattail bullets keyholeing by 100 yards, I will cover a way to make them shoot good later. Norma and Graff is about your only pick for cases, Norma cases are too small at the head and will swell some, Graff are larger at the head but not as good of quaility. If you have a rifle with an extra large chamber you can cut off a cheap 6.5x55 Swede die to the correct lenght for neck sizing your rifed cases as not to over work the casehead. The larger the bore, the less the rifle will like boatail bullets, flatbase or roundnose bullets will do better in those rifles. None of the following loads are near max pressure, so you can go from flatbase to boatail bullets as your rifle needs. I will start will loads for tight bores and go to large down the list. A good starter load is 30.2 of I-3031 with the Sierra 140 or 142 boatail mk bullet at a OCL of 2.810 for 2350 fps, these bullets also do well with 39.4 of H-4831 [ 2400 fps ] or 28.2 of H-322 [ 2300 fps ] or 36.4 of I-4350 [ 2350 fps ] . Here is a load that I shot back to back sub 1 inch [ best of .681 ] in a national benchrest match with a T-97 sniper : The Lapua 139 bt with 28.2 of H-322 , OCL 2.835 . The I-4350 loads seems to work really well in carbines and rifles with a little larger bores. It is also my best for the Type-I rifle, Type -I's have very tight chambers and do better with virgin Norma cases. The H-129 fb bullet with 30.5 of I-3031 at OCL of 2.845 has done well in some of my rifles. With larger bores the H-160 roundnose with a slow powder like 35.2 of I-4350 or a real fast powder like 18.4 of SR-4759 [ best hand weighted in fireformed cases and a magnum primer ] will do well.
Now for the reall big bore guns, MAKE SURE your bore is at least a .268 groove before you use this load. This load has turned rifles that were keyholeing at 50 yards into 1.5 inch group rifles at 100 yards. The Hornady .268 dia 160 rn CARCANO bullet with 34.1 of I-4350 , OCL of 2.945 at 2180 fps. For light , low velocity loads you can use a weighted charge of about 17.5 to 18.5 of SR-4759 , magnum primer, formed cases with any light bullet, SI-100 hp , SI-107 bt , H-129 fb are good ones. The Type-30's have the same large bores as the early T-38's, BUT do not have the enlarged chambers of the T-38's, so you can NOT seat the big .268 dia bullet in a case and have enough neck clearance WITHOUT thinning the case necks. This make Type-30 harder to get to shoot well, the best bet is the .264 dia 160 rn bullet or the SR-4759 loads.
The type-38 mostly has a large V rear sight, there are two ways to use it. And you can pick one to help get point of aim. First you can put the point of the front sight right even with the top of the rear sight V, but you may get some side to side with your hits as it is wide up there. Or you can pull the front point down untill you can just see it in the base of the rear V, but you may get some up and down with your hits as it is reall hard to repeat the exact amount of front sight just peeking up. As you can see one way or the other will move you hits up or down on the target. You do have a wide enough rear V to do some "hold off " for windage. As long as the bore size is good, I have not found the Type-38 to be as picky about loads from rifle to rifle as the Type-99's. So there are many other powders and bullets that will work well in them, I have just tried to give a broad range of what works so it may fit in with what you have to use. mag
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