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Reloading .455 for Colt New Service

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I've recently acquired a 1915 Colt New Service in .455 and want to load up some ammunition for it. I'm just getting set up to reload and have a set of Lee dies on the way. I'll be using Fiocchi brass, but would like some input on what commercial bullets and powder to use. Am I correct in thinking that the Colt would do fine with slightly stouter loads up to the equivalent of .45 Colt pressures (255 grain bullet at 750-850fps possibly)? Also, are there certain proof marks that would indicate where and if this gun saw service in WW1? Thanks
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For loading .455 I use a set of RCBS .45 ACP dies. This set has worked well using Dominion brand .455 brass, which I have been using for many years. I have not yet used any of the shorter .455 Fiochi brass, but it looks like good quality and one of these days I'll reload a box or two of that as well.

To get an idea of the strength of your Colt New Service, check out the various other rounds it was chambered for by Colt; 44 Russian, 45 Colt, 45 acp, etc. It is a fine old gun. As always, you must take care to setup your loading press with good lighting, have plenty of time to double check what you are doing and have no distractions!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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