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Reloading .455 for Colt New Service

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I've recently acquired a 1915 Colt New Service in .455 and want to load up some ammunition for it. I'm just getting set up to reload and have a set of Lee dies on the way. I'll be using Fiocchi brass, but would like some input on what commercial bullets and powder to use. Am I correct in thinking that the Colt would do fine with slightly stouter loads up to the equivalent of .45 Colt pressures (255 grain bullet at 750-850fps possibly)? Also, are there certain proof marks that would indicate where and if this gun saw service in WW1? Thanks
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Ctc - Ken Waters wrote an excellent article on this very thing years ago in Handloader magazine. I'll be able to locate a copy next week, if you should still need it.

My son and I also have New Service .455's; British purchased during WWI. Both have had the .45 Colt caliber alteration and since .45 Colt brass is readily available (and .455 is not); we use .45 Colt data in moderation with great success.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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