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In my quest to find decent non-corrosive ammo for my SVT I tried reloading some surplus bullets and powder into brass cases. I used some Czech light ball, 80s dated with copperwash cases. Pulled the bullets with a collet puller and weighed all the powder charges. The lot I had was loaded with stick powder, not the ball powder listed on I used brass cases from Wolf Gold ammo, PPU stuff.
I loaded a few cases with a sightly reduced charge, and a few with what was basicly the average military load, reducing a hair for safety. I don't know whether one can simply dump powder from a steel case into a brass case and expect it to work safely.
At the range all rounds ejected OK, I didn't experience any stuck cases. Most ejected fine at 1.1, but I needed to go to 1.2 to get 100% function. Just a couple "stove pipes" at 1.1 Accuracy exceeded my expectations. Powder is very dirty, though. I started with the reduced charges, saw no overpressure signs, then tried full power, also no signs. Your rifle may be different though.
The only thing that throws a wrench into my plan is that the rifle is hard on cases. About 60% of ejected cases show a dent about midway down on the length of the case. I assume that it is being dented on the bolt carrier or dust cover, but I can't see where. Does anyone know where cases hit on the SVT? Maybe I can made a pad to cover the area.
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