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Posted - 09/15/2003 : 2:06:35 PM
Could Speer Hot-Cor 270 bullets be resized gradually from .277" to .268" in modified Lee sizer dies? I think downsizing would be easier than "bumping-up" .263" bullets because of the nose shape problem. By having three or four progressively smaller sizing dies, one could expect the bullets would go through without undue stress and separating of the core and jacket metal. Anyone done this before? PP.

Posted - 09/15/2003 : 4:29:46 PM
Dies for sizing lead bullets would probably break if used to size jacketed bullets. Z-Hat makes ring sizing dies to reduce the caliber:

One note, when a jacketed bullet is sized down the jacket will "spring" back a little after sizing, this could cause core seperation. This may not happen with the bonded core design you plan to use.

Bumping up a bullet will cause the jacket to "spring" DOWN, holding the core tighter which is why it is more often recomended.

Posted - 09/16/2003 : 1:01:38 PM
So, from what you said, Redbeard762, it would be easier to "bump-up" common run-of-the-mill 6,5mm bullets. Does this mean I'll have to buy a Corbin press and dies or is there another alternative?

Posted - 09/18/2003 : 09:28:14 AM
The Lee bullet lubing and sizing dies have been used successfully for just what you suggest.
Many folks are swaging jacketed bullets down for the 8x56R using this method.
Z-hat suggests swaging down in no more than .005" at a time and I'd adhere to this.
This means you'd have to have two different dies. You can hone them out yourself or Lee will graciously do it for you at $25 per die(Vs their normal price of $16.98 @). Suggest you contact Lee directly for the true skinny.
It will reguire a solid press not something like the little Lee press ie RCBS Jr or other good O press. Good lube is required for this process also.

Suggest you visit the Mannlicher, Steyr, etc. forum and look for this topic. May have been archived now with the new system but a question there would re-ignite the discussion.

Also Midsouth is selling a Lee bullet mould designed in the .268 arena. The bullet was specifally designed I believe for the Swede 6,5 but has been used in other large bored 6,5's as well. FWIW DaveP

Posted - 09/19/2003 : 10:59:28 PM
Thanks Kywoowrkr! I'll try to find every advice I can before launching myself in that enterprise. Then, again, I'm not sure that hard cast bullets of proper diameter fitted with gas-checks couldn't do the job nicely. This is another path for experimentation.
I'll keep you posted, guys!

Posted - 09/20/2003 : 8:31:05 PM
I have sized down both .270 and .338 bullets. I did not use the lee sizer but had a sizer die made by a friend. The .268 die was made from a piece of 6mm rifle barrel. The .328 die was made from a piece of .308 barrel. The dies are about 2.5"(63.5mm)long. There is a long tapered lead so that the bullet is within the die before sizing starts. I use alox based cast bullet lube on the jacketed bullets when sizing. I insert the bullets nose first and use a flat faced rod that is a close fit to the sizing diameter. I use my dies in an arbor press but they could be threaded and used in an iron O frame reloading press like the RCBS Rockchucker.

Posted - 09/24/2003 : 2:58:06 PM
Originally posted by PerversPépère
Could Speer Hot-Cor 270 bullets be resized gradually from .277" to .268" in modified Lee sizer dies? PP.
Maybe, but I would be EXTREMELY careful, because the long barrel, deep grooves and gain twist rifling of several Carcano models put much more stress on the bullet jacket than other, more commonly and better known, calibers. I would imagine that when downsizing, no matter how you do it, you always end up with a thinner jacket. Jacket separation can lead not only to poor accuracy, but even to pressure problems. My own, personal, opinion is that it is not worthwhile taking the risk. You may consider to talk to Dave Emary at Hornady, who could share some of his direct experience with bullets resized to .267-.268".
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