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What was posted about my experience is true; to further elaborate-

1. Using pulled military bullets of .266-.267, Lee's .268 expander does enlarge the brass's neck too much; the bullets are too loose. Using the .264 and chamfering the brass is fine for that diameter bullet. However, as stated, the Lee .268 seater is the way to go as it eliminates the scraping issue- and after the original post some years ago, I have had one or two bullets stick using the .264 seater.

2. However, with .268 bullets, the Lee .268 expander is just fine. I still think you could make do with the .264 expander IF you slightly bell the case mouth with an M die, or Lee's Universal Case Expander die; but why bother?

I don't quite know why Hornady went with 268 when the original was, as mentioned, in the 266-7 range.
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