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My latest information for reloading for the 6.5 Carcano:

A handy device for reloaders is the availablity of custom bullet sizing kits available from Lee Precision. You have but to call their toll-free number and advise them the diameter you want. The dies are $25.00 each shipped, and delivery takes around 3 weeks.

I first used one of these in .268 while trying for better accuracy in my M91-24. With the tight twist portion of the barrel having been cut away, the remainder had too slow a rate to effectively stabilize the long 160 grain bullets - commercial and surplus.

I reasoned a shorter, lighter bullet would have better accuracy potential so I resized some 130 grain .277 bullets. Accuracy was still not as I prefer but was substantially better than the longer bullets. I was getting 4.5" to 6" groups at 50 yards as opposed to 9" and more.

Carrying this idea farther, I have begun sizing down 150 grain .277 bullets and experimenting with Varget powder. While I have only fired 60 rounds so far, I am seeing good accuracy potential. Best of all, I have experienced NO pressure spikes as I have with the 160 grain, .268 Hornady bullet using powders like IMR 3031.

I feel this is a worthwhile experimentation as the bullet would be better for hunting applications than the 160 grainer. I also believe that eventually someone will wreck their 6.5 Vetterli and injure themselves using Hornady factory ammo with the .268 bullet. The resulting lawsuit will surely result in the 160 grain bullet being pulled from the market.

In which case, it's well to have an alternative plan.

It's too soon for me to post what loads I am using as I have yet to find the accuracy 'sweet spot'. I am using my best M41, and once I get an accurate load, I'll try it in an M91 long rifle.

Another Italian collector/shooter is also experimenting with this and may have more to add in the months to come. If anyone else would care to try, I have been using the bullet as described, Varget powder and standard large rifle primers. The kits are meant for cast bullets, but thoroughly lubed jacketed bullets resize nicely, as well.

More to follow in a few months. SW
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