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Posted - 07/09/2007 : 5:37:13 PM

Is 39.5 gr of IMR4350 with a 160gr bullit safe for Swedes ?

I called IMR directly, they told me starting point was 39 gr. But my book states 36 gr.

I am new to reloading, so any feedback is appreciated.

Tom in Pittsburgh
Posted - 07/09/2007 : 9:45:36 PM

Their website doesn't show any loads for the 160-grain bullet using IMR-4350, but they do show a starting load of 40.0 grains of H4350 with a 160-grain bullet.

Why such a heavy load -- hunting?

My m/96 likes Sierra 142-grain HPBT bullets for best target accuracy.

Ed Novak
Posted - 07/09/2007 : 9:57:02 PM

Sometimes, long and heavy bullets (160gr) shoot superbly in the 6.5 Swede, as they (175gr) do in the 7MM Mauser. Velocity with "small" bullets is not necessarily the answer to accuracy and some of us "old timers" enjoy low-velocity, rainbow-trajectory heavy bullets which arrive with authority and pretty admirable grouping. Try 'em, you might like 'em. ed

Posted - 07/09/2007 : 10:12:21 PM

Using dueling authorities to answer a question is never a good idea. You're trying to form a concensus on what is correct and safe. Don't leave such a problem to others. Figure it out yourself by chosing the more prudent path and building your own knowledge and experience.

Somebody's opinion on the internet does not trump published data nor advice obtained directly from the powder manufacturer.

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