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Here is the fourth presentation of four recently acquired Soviet made SKS carbines. This refurbished model is all stamped matching, but the bolt carrier is forced matched stamped (old number ground off) in a different font. The original EP'd numbers on the gas tube and gas piston have been ground off (visible under blue) and new matching numbers EP'd on. The metal has been arsenal re blued, and the body cover bears the diamond stamp. The metal under the new finish shows evidence of use with small gouges and scuffs, but no pitting. The muzzle crown and the body cover fork ends are blue. The rear sight ladder bears an early Tula star. The bayonet has a bright finish and sags just so slightly.

The two piece stock (toe splice) and hand guard are birch wood, and were arsenal refinished by sanding and scrapping, with a new shellac finish applied. The colour is lighter and browner then the 3 Tulas. The wood no longer stands proud to the metal, either by the butt plate, rear sling swivel, upper receiver, trigger mechanism or gas tube to hand guard. A small arsenal repair has been effected on the front of the stock, either to repair a split in the bayonet channel or provide additional wood surface where it meets the front ferrule. The old stock serial numbers have been crossed out and re matched to the carbine. The fore end reinforcement pin shows signs of light corrosion where it meets the wood.

The face of the bolt bears a primer ring about the firing pin hole from use. The underside of the bolt shows a dimple where the disconnect has frequently contacted it. The driving edge of the bolt is worn from contacting the recoil lug. The hammer face has been indented from striking the firing pin. The piston is slightly worn with a bit of pitting on the piston face.

The carbine feels a bit "looser" then the others. The body cover, bolt carrier and gas tube have some play to them. The refurbishment is of good quality, and there is no indication of use since. Like the others, it came out of the shipping crate into my possession.

This Izhevsk will now become my regular range carbine. Please enjoy the pics!

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