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Looks good!

I use acetone soaked 0000 steel wool and lightly scrub the shellac/grime/oils away. If there is original finish underneath, I would apply Howards and call it a day. If it is like most of them and there is nothing, I apply tung oil in several layers until I am satisfied.

On the occasion that a stock is being stubborn and won't clean up well, I will use Easy Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner. What I do is coat the entire outside of the stock and let sit for about 2-3 minutes then lightly scrub with a large soft brush then rinse off with a hose. I then gently pat dry with a towel and then let it finish drying out overnight or longer.

Because of how strong the stuff is, oven cleaner can make cleaning up a breeze but I'd recommend using it as a last resort and only for a few minutes otherwise you risk damaging the adhesive on laminated stocks. Even on hardwood it can damage the wood so again, use this stuff quickly and sparingly.

I look forward to pictures of the other rifles you have done!
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