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I prefer the cross hairs with the scope having the BDC option. Then I can use a range finder to dope the scope from 100yards to 500yards with no error or hold over. I only buy the scopes with the adjustable manual turret that's labeled for yardage.

I been in the hunt for a very large B & C trophy buck. He's the granddaddy of granddaddys. Most locals have seen him but won't risk a longer shot. I have my 338win mag dialed in with the Bushnell trophy scope with the BDC option. I figure when this buck thinks he is out of my range and sticks his lounge out at me I'll give him a lead kiss behind his ear. Put a fork in him he's done.

Bushnell still offers the banner series scope with this BDC option. I just purchased a BSA scope with the BDC option for my saiga in 223.

I know you guys are talking about more expensive scopes. I've had the Bushnell scope on my 338 since '94.
Never had a problem.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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