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I bought an SAR1 yesterday at the Wilmington, Ohio gunshow. I believe it to be unfired, seems to be in like new shape. For some reason the rear mount, screws, and loop for the sling is missing. Anybody have one to sell or point me in the right direction.
Remove the WTB from your title and ask, where to find ....? And all is good usualy with most moderators .Otherwise they delete your post and send a warning . Someone will point you in the right direction a vendor or will tell you to PM them and take the conversation off to the side . They just dont want the forums clogged up with WTB's . Theres a seperate forum for that . Try Kvar .

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Sorry, didn't mean to break the rules this is a nice forum and I want to keep it that way, thanks for fixing it. I had a member pm me with a free one, wow hows that for being nice! Now I'll have to pass on the act of kindness.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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