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Re-activating a demilled Carcano ?

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Posted - 02/14/2007 : 8:20:53 PM

Exactly where in the "breech" is the hole??? If it is through the receiver ring and the barrel, then it (the rifle) is a Wall hanger.

If it is through the Barrel re-inforce (or stub or "KnoxForm") the with a correctly placed Chamber sleeve--the old chamber well past the Hole is drilled out, a piece of Gunbarrel is machined to be a Press-fit, then rechambered to the original 6,5x52 (if you can find a chambering might be better suited to have the rechamber done to 6,5x54 Mannlicher Scheonauer, a slightly more common cartridge commercially than the 6,5 least in some areas of Europe.)

In contrast to this, the extremely unsafe practice of simple welding a hole shut:

Reproofing at the Proof House may NOT show up any defects in the welding...which may let go after several hundred rounds have been fired...I have seen it happen with both Bolt action and S/A Rifles where this sort of "Resurrection" has been carried out, and the results are devastating ( an L1A1 which had a cross-drilled chamber re-welded, let go in a string of rapid fire, blowing off the handguards into splinters, and severing the shooter's several fingers in the process..

If it is only the barrel that has been "drilled" then the best way is to replace the barrel; the next best is to "sleeve" the chamber, if that is where the deactivation has occured. Any further from the chamber (ie, in the barrel proper) makes the barrel impossible to repair safely for Ball ammo use. (it can still be used for Blanks for re-enactors)
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