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Rash of PU scopes on Ebay

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It seems there has been a recent rash of authentic PU scopes on Ebay lately. I can tell that some of them are repros that have been stepped up a notch, yet others look authentic. Has anybody else noticed this? Or is it jsut fate that the scopes are coming up for sale.
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I picked up 3 in the last 6 months and they are there regularly, but Marcus says somtimes the one you see is not always the one you get, although mine
were the same as shown...
Yeah. I saw a pu scope without mount go for $465 + $35 shipping. Go figure...
I can't beleive how much PU scopes are going for, I've never paid more than $150 for a PU scope and $250 for a whole scope/ mount set up. I see scopes going for near $400!!! holey cow! I should have been focusing on collecting my scopes and not the rifles, I could sell my all matching 1943 SAMCO sniper for more money if I split the gun from the optics and the scope will go for more than the rifle! Lets all pray that they find a new stash of scopes somewhere to drive the prices back down.
Here's to hoping I'm the one that finds it! ;-)
I'm glad to hear people pay that, helps justify my RGuns sniper I ordered!
I've been looking at PU scopes on eBay for several months and I haven't noticed an increase. I ended up buying one on the Gunboards WTS from a member, that way I was sure that what I was getting was authentic. I just didn't trust the ones on eBay.
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