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Something very super rare, this is the first box of this ammo both Frank and myself have ever seen of this ammo ... I recently won a complete full box of Siamese 8x50R mm Type 2445 ammo on chargers (stripper clips). I just got the box in today and took detailed pictures of the box for Frank so we can get it translated properly, it had been roughly translated from the auction as follows:
The box loosely reads on the flap
"live ammo type 45"
training event ? 536/91 (probably mean 2491 B.E. = 1948)
check november 91 (2491)
check 91 still function"
and the red stamp over it reads:
"Cham Chod Chung" (name of the inspector)

One flap is missing but considering how rare this box is, it is a miracle it is as good shape as this. I will get pictures of the cartridges and chargers later for you all, I need to get some other things done first.

I am going to measure the box and send the details to Pphillips so he can manufacture reproduction boxes based upon the original as he has done with Japanese ammo boxes he has done.

This ammo box will go excellently with my display of Siamese ammo and my displays I do on Siamese Mausers



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