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Quick 91/30 question

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I was at the range today and I whooped out my recently acquired 91/30. There was a man at the range shooting next to me that had a variety of Mosins, so I invited him over to check mine out. He mentioned to me that the dual year stamp on the top was very unusual. It reads 1942/48. There is no text difference in the stamp, they appear to have been made by the same set of stamps. He told me to ask someone who might know a little bit more about it because he thinks this might be somewhat significant. Any ideas?
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Thanks Rocker, that article helped out a lot. So, does this increase the collectors value?
damn, I was hoping to hear "at least by a couple hundred". Thanks.
I wasn't considering selling it anyhow. If it was a real collectors piece I would think about shelfing it and picking up another one for the range. Good to know that I can keep blasting away.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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