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Questions, questions, questions.

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Well I've looked and cant seem to find what I need to know, so I am asking, which really isn't a bad thing. I have a pair of Soviet m44(Izhevsk), 1944 and 45 production,a few minor scratches on the stocks but with all matching numbers. First thing is I need to sight them in and it appears that the front sight is on a dovetail and pressed on. Is there a tool that I need to use to align it or what? Yeah I'm baffled. next question, I have yet to fire them and will be soon any pointers before firing that I should be aware of that maybe someone could impart apon me? Thanks
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Welcome, I would make sure they are good and cleaned of cosmo, etc. Check headspace if you can (probably ok), then take em' out and shoot. Shoot with the bayonet out. As for the front sight, I have used a brass punch. Make sure the two stock screws are tight. Have fun and be safe.
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