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I am working on my grandfathers old Bayard .380. Its safety had fallen out at some point. I don't know if he or someone else dismantled to it clean it at some point. When my dad got it from my grandfathers house, thats how it was. He is letting me work on it. I have it completely apart, and cleaned up, minus the safety spring, The safety spring screw will need drilled like the grip screws did. Now I am in the process of reinstalling everything. I have kept all the parts separated as they came out.

My questions are, first, should the primary sear sit above or below the rotating bar of the safety? when I first put it in, the lower arm of the sear was above, until I rotated the safety to allow clearance for the hammer. It is now below the round/flat crossbar of the safety.

Second question, which might actually solve the first question. The two sear springs are very similar but slightly different. Should the smaller spring be on the primary or secondary sear. The way it fits on the secondary sear, it doesn't seat all the way forward to the lip.

I don't wish to do trial and error until it works, I am hoping someone can help me to make it a little easier.
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