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I recently acquired a BSA Model 12 22 target rifle and have a number of questions. The serial number is 18130. It has clothe sling with hooks that fit through the eyelets on the rifle. The stock is a straight grip. The front sight has the screw in back that allows the insertion of various sighting disks. Attached to the stock behind the finger lever is a small brass cylinder marked AGP with a screw on cap that contains four different front sight disks.

Can anyone give me an idea of the approximate year of manufacture? I saw a video on You Tube of similar rifle. The threaded pin through the front of the receiver allowed the barrel to be unscrewed from the receiver. On my rifle when I remove the pin I can remove the entire lever, breach block mechanism. Which was the more common feature?
Don't know about the dating (there are people who do - maybe one will see this). Might be worthwhile to cross-post on the Martini-Henry forum as well.

All Model 12s use the Francotte=patent internal design, in which the working parts are in a sub-frame that comes out after the pin at the lower front corner of the receiver is removed. There are take-down variants, which is what you saw on the video. In my experience, take-downs are substantially less common than solid frame models.
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