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Questions On 1953 Izhevsk SKS

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Do the Izhevsk SKS's have the early type bayonet lug with the straight ears? Also what other features to look for. It is a rebuild all matching.

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Thanks ij70 I looked on the yooper site before, but wasn't sure if the Izhevsk bayonet ears were different than the Tula production. The pics of Izy reworks have been too dark to tell if the ears are different.

Thanks again.
cbear, I saw a 53 Izhevsk rework and it has the straight ears on the bayonet lug, and the bayonet is straight cut also. Just wanting to find out what an Izhevsk should have.

I have a 54 Tula rework that had the straight ears on the bayonet lug, but was missing the bayonet. I found a bayonet, but it was slant cut one side, thus started my education on straight and slant bayonet lugs. Never really new there was a difference till then. Couldn't find a straight cut handle, so modified one with a little weld and some filing.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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