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Questions On 1953 Izhevsk SKS

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Do the Izhevsk SKS's have the early type bayonet lug with the straight ears? Also what other features to look for. It is a rebuild all matching.

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cbear, I saw a 53 Izhevsk rework and it has the straight ears on the bayonet lug, and the bayonet is straight cut also. Just wanting to find out what an Izhevsk should have.

I have a 54 Tula rework that had the straight ears on the bayonet lug, but was missing the bayonet. I found a bayonet, but it was slant cut one side, thus started my education on straight and slant bayonet lugs. Never really new there was a difference till then. Couldn't find a straight cut handle, so modified one with a little weld and some filing.
i presume these late russians had early bayo lugs installed during refurb .
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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