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Had this Danish Krag for a while and I am going to put it on the trader but I would like to know what unit the regimental disk is for and if the 93 on the section between the receiver and the barrel is the year of manufacture making it an antique. Rifle is all matching with a duffel cut, broken screw in the triggerguard and no finish above the stock line, disk is 3 FAR 1406.

Thanks, Chuck
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Hi Gunrunner

It's a beautyfull rifle, you got there..

The rifle is made in 1893 and the stamp 93 on the barrel tells, that it still have the original barrel. That is not so often seen in theese early years and could be a plus for a collector. On the other hand it's a minus for a shooter.

The unit-disc belongs to "3. Feltartilleri Regiment" and the weaponnumber 1406. The unit was formed in 1923 but it's origin can be dated to 1780 or proberly to the year 1764. The unit 3 FAR was renamed from 1948-1951 to "Nørrejydske Artilleri Regiment". From 1951-1962 the name was changed back to "3. Artilleriregiment" and in 1962 back to "Nørrejyske Artilleriregiment". In 2000 it merged with Sønderjyske Artilleriregiment and was now called Dronningens Artilleriregiment (Dronning = The Queen). In 2005 it merged with Kongens Artilleriregiment to "Danske Artilleriregiment".

The unit took part in the wars against Germany in 1848-50 (The battle of Isted) and in 1864 (Dybbøl)

Can I have your permission to use the photo of the unit disc in our database (The Danish Arms and Armour Society) ? We have more than 18.000 unit stamps and would love to have yours too.

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