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I have a 1903 springfield rifle that I need alot of questions about it before I buy itl First off it is a 1903 springfield that has a a5 winchester scope on it along with a Layman 48 c sight. It looks like it was done right. and not by baba. The workmanship is very good. I know if could be put together last night or 70 some years ago.
The rifle serail number is 646xxx with a barrel date of 3-17. The stock is stamped DAL. Has a leather sling dated 1918.
Did they issue any of the Marine or Army sniper rifles with the Layman 48 c sight on them?? I did see a M1941 Marine sniper that had the screws on it.where the Layman 48 c sight was.
All the rifles were target rifles that they were used in the matches. Did they the armorers draw these rifles out and make sniper rifles out of them??
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