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Original mags for the 1916 Luger should have wooden bases. Aluminum is WW2 era or post war mfg.
Waffenamps are from WW2 mfg equiptment. I can't recall any WW1 issue being restamped but I could be wrong. It should have all the necessary WW1 era proofs and acceptance marks on it along with the matching #s. Internally, the grips, firingpin and safety should also be ser#'d along with the other easy to see parts.

A 1916 DWM can easily be worth $1200 with a holster & accessorys,,but so much depends on true condition, % of original finish, condition of grips, bore, having the correct mags (though WW2 mags are valuable too, post war less so). The holster can be a $250+ item in itself. But again condition plays the big part. Even haveing been 'shoe polished' in the past,,a common thing to have been done to them, can bring value down considerably. A true WW1 era holster vs. a WW2 mfg makes a difference too.
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