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Question on Breaking down the Carcano bolt

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So after looking at a breakdown diagram and also looking at someone do a bolt breakdown on YouTube I find that I cannot remove the cocking piece. I can remove the cocking piece nut but that is it. I did let the bolt sit in some PB Blaster for a day just to see if it will help but it did not resolve the problem. So I guess I am at that point in trying to figure out if this piece is actually removable or not. This is an M91-38 TS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Yes it does come off. Clamp it in a padded vice and use a block of wood and mallet to drift it off. Someone probably got the alignment flat mis-aligned and the reason it's difficult to remove.
Thanks Airdale,

I justed wanted to be sure about the coking piece did not want to take any chances in destroying it. I couldn't even get it off by use of a hammer and block of wood so I eventually took it to my smaller 6-Ton press and it only took a little bit of pressure from the press and wham O it came off. On top of that I am not sure when the last time this gun was ever cleaned. It was given to me by inheritance from my Grandfather and I don't think he ever shot it. So who knows. but hey now I can finish cleaning and lubing it and hopefully get to shoot it this Summer.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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