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Question about the mosin's bolt

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You know ever since I started reading about mosin's (that would be about 3 months ago give or take a week) I've wondered something and it was never really explained in anything I've found online. Why is the mosin the only rifle that uses its bolt design?
There are tons of rifles out there that use Mauser and Lee-Enfield actions but none that use the mosin's. Obviously it was a decent action since the Russians and other communist (yes I know the that other countries were using it before communism) powers used it for so long and a lot of hunters still use it today.
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Well, it IS a rotating, head-locking bolt, with two BIG locking lugs, and an integral extractor.

Not so much different from the Mauser action.

The only thing that to my mind makes it somewhat special is that it cocks on the UP-stroke. Many (most?) other military bolt actions **** on the forward-down stroke. Enfield sure does.
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