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+1 on restamped parts. I do not have much if any experience with the now common 91/30 imports but from what I see some have been restamped as mentioned, some may not have been.

I have a non recent import, infact I do not recall finding and import marks on this rifle. It is a earlier NEW M91
that is not all original and has some older Russian parts on it. I got excited when I bought it as the butt plate and floor plate matched Sn# the receiver. Upon closer examination the butt plate had been restamped and you could see old numbers had been ground off for the most part. This rifle is not Finn marked at all and not US marked either. Someone a long time ago matched up the number, but they also left the receiver logo alone. So I am not real clear on the history of this one. Point is keep looking for small details, it may or may not help you trace the path the rifle has been on. I see a lot of older M91s often referred to as "Balkan imports" that have matching floor plates and butt plates but mismatched bolts. A lot of these seem to be missing the cleaning rod and have the logo partial ground off. Not sure if they {who ever "they" are} renumbered the parts or if they just kept the parts together when in the shop? Interesting study regardless. Glad I am not the only one who ponders these questions. Cheers, John.
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