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just my .02. 10 shot 3" (actually that is sub 3 m.o.a.) with a milsurp gun with common milsurp ammo is excellent. not counting swedes or 28/30s,28/76s,maybe swiss k-31s. mn refurbs,turks,rode hard swedes,yugo mausers,sks,ak,and the empire/american stuff. we are talking surpus ammo too. had a PU repro to do sub m.o.a. easy with S&B match struggled to do <4.0 with surplus. all guns are different. all ammo is different. but,3 m.o.a.,esp 10r groups (bands and handguards are not accuracy enhancers) in a common milsurp with common surpus ammo is a very good "shooter".
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