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3 INCHES for accuracy is not MILSPEC. No offense jjk308 but I flat out disagree, respectfully so.

Too many guys here get 1 inch and less at 100 yds so this 3 inch accuracy is a rifle that shoots poorly or the shooter is shooting poorly (often as not).

If a rifle shoots 3 inches, it may or may not be the counter bore. It may be a non counter bored rifle.

If you wish the files on how to bed Mosins and tweek triggers to chase their accuracy potential, email me.

The files are pulled from the boards here over the last 3 yrs and they WORK if your rifle has a decent bore and you can shoot.
IF and that is IF the counter bore is done correctly, the rifle will retain its accuracy. I know of
no gauge to help you determine that and because of that, I choose to pass on counter bores but I had no
choice on my M38. I waivered and bought the only nice M38 found in 3 yrs and it had a counter bore. I consider
myself lucky that it shoots 1.5 inches at 100 yds as it has a repaired muzzle. As soon as I find a nicer M38 without
a counter bore, I will trade out this CB M38. But that does n ot mean the non CB M38 will shoot better until its tested.

I take huge exception to the common "Thought" that lingers on this board regarding 3 inches as "Milspec" for the Mosins
because thats not a established fact of manufacture, its only the results of some people on this board and assumed to
be representative of what the standard accuracy is for this model rifle.

Let me know if you wish these files and I will send them to you.

I will start a new myth on Milspec: Poor condition rifles will shoot 3 or more MOA at 100 yds. Poor shooters with accurate Mosins will shoot 3 MOA or greater at 100 yds.

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If one beds a Mosin and polishes a Mosin trigger / sear spring just like the Russian sniper rifles were done, and it performs 1 MOA or better,
its not a ton of salt needed to see that the rifles accuracy has been obtained.

If one carefully finds Mosins with tight bores that are mirror bright, there is a good chance the rifle will perform extremely well for accuracy.

If one does not believe this is true, he is destined to be a 3 MOA or worse shooter

The one IF that is not a IF is this: if you do not try to obtain the max accuracy your rifle is capable of, then you will be a 3 MOA shooter or worse.

A paper shim and polishing the sear spring is hardly going to damage the collectability or MILSPEC status of a Mosin Nagant.
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