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Not all Mosin PU of course but WWII vintage snipers being shot 300 and600 yds today were:

a. 5 PU Snipers
b. 1 Jap 6.5 sniper
c. 1 Swede M41 sniper
d, USMC Model 1941 snipers (so many it was a flood)
e. 1 M1 C Garand

No O3A4 sniper rifles at all

We'll publish the menu of other war era shortly.

On the Jap Sniper, Shannon let me try it out. He does not have his loads perfected but at 600 yds, you'd take down men easily. Its a side mount and very challenging to shoot. The reticule..its "different". Will try to get a photo of it and post it.

We shoot 800 and 1000 yds tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how far back that Jap sniper will go.

My team mate and I were shooting with two USMC Viet Nam era snipers who had the M1941 USMC sniper rifles. One of which was running so many 10x's that I told him it got boring posting 10x's . He could have just saved the trip to the match and mailed in his score card.
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