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I brought a N.E.W. and SCW 91/30 home today. My wife bought them for me! I'll show you the SCW in another post.

The N.E.W. has obviously been "Finned" and is a real mixmaster. She is PUOLUSTUSLAITOS and SA marked. After I got the metal out of the wood, I discovered she has a Remington receiver. The rest of the parts are Izhevsk and Tula. The two-piece Finn stock has an interesting repair on the left side by the receiver and is devoid of any cartouches. The stock has an original finish and looks shiny from the lemon oil. The bolt body has been on at least two other rifles. She has been counter-bored about .5" and the rest of the bore looks pretty good. Sling hangers and a cleaning rod are on the way.


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