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Pulled from another forum: good news for AK owners/ colectors?

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Now some of this is nonsense....we will never see psl's from RUSSIA, and doubtfully dragunovs.....mut a nice flood or original russian AK47 kits would really spice up the ak world, as would unrestricted russian ammo imports. Or, MY dream, would be russian tt33's.......maybke makarovs. But still, I doubt any of this will actually happen.....just wanted to see what you guys think.....
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Not to rain on the parade but WTO membership has little to do with the political, US regulations and law and proscribed imports of Russian arms to the USA. Also the voluntary Russian specific non-export fireram regulations.
By example., Vietnam joined the WTO in 2009 but is still a proscribed country and no arms flow to the USA from there.
Nice if it happens but I doubt it.., in particular if the present US regime is re-elected.
Given the Obama administration's fierce resistance to the re-importation of M1 Garand rifles from South Korea, a "flood" of anything from Russia other than Mosin Nagant rifles would appear to be out of the question, especially anything as evil & nasty as an AK, or anything remotely resembling one.

The state department under the wise tutelage of Hillary Clinton blocked the South Korean Garand's for years because "These are exactly the kind of weapons favored by criminals", Garands favored by criminals...?? Uhhh... I don't think so, but that's not the point, you can forget about anything with the letters AK in front of it ever being imported from Russia under the current political crew.

The good news is it looks like the Garands will indeed finally be re-imported, however tens of thousands of M1 Carbines have been banned from re-importation due to the fact that these can use a high capacity magazine,

and because they are exactly the kind of weapons favored by criminals... :laugh:
Well., actually there are quite a few sporting type AK firerams from Russia flowing into the USA. The Saiga & VEPR etc., . But the SVT, SVD, and many other milspec parts and rifle types are not being imported nor are they legal to import.
If there were a Saiga-style SVD rifle, could it be imported? Why would the be different than the AK-Saiga thing?
Likely deends on whether the Russian want to build a sporting SVD and if the BATFE woud allow import of same. Or if a US compnay wants to strip and re-militarize a legally imported sporting specimen to military type etc.,., if it was set up to be imported.
"me clicking my heals together",theres no place like(MY) Home theres no place like These parts being in my home legaly!!!!!!!!!!
I was always under the impression Clinton's 1998 trade agreement with Russia was purely voluntary. If Russia wanted free trade with the US, they would have to halt exporting SKSs, SVTs, etc... Anyways, as long as the rifle doesn't use a magazine compatible with military rifles, Russia can export it. No reason why they couldn't export a Saiga sporting rifle with a Dragunov gas system.

I can swear I've seen them list 30-06 and 7.62X54R Saiga or VEPR rifles in their latest catalogs. If there's a demand for it, Ivan will make it. They're better capitalists than we are.
If there's a demand for it, Ivan will make it. They're better capitalists than we are.
A joke I presume. I think they already collapsed 20 years ago., and we are not there yet.:)

There are some new VEPR sporters coming. Not sure the Russians export much current issue stuff to other countries.
The main thing I got from the article is the possibility of lots of Russian surplus ammo imports, the guns and parts kits aspect of it sounds a lot more iffy to me, and it's all a minimum of 3+ years out by their reckoning, so don't hold your breath boys, especially if the current occupant of the White House is re-elected.
I have read on several posts that the Russkies have CRATES of WW2 German stuff, like belt buckles, medals and such. I wonder if The Obama-bin Biden group would care about that ? By the way, he will be elected. Romney will get eaten alive by "Mr Smartassremark". BB
The clock needs to change on how the second amendment is viewed. My high school had a gun range. That would not fly today anywhere I can imagine. People arent interested in something if its not a contest on tv.

Maybe in another 50 years if people start voting and paying attention some things can get turned around. The 1934, 1968 and 1986 federal gun restrictions could be removed along with some others.

I buy 50 pocket constitutions every so often and give them out at my local Tea Party meeting.
The crates of German memorabilia would now be probably repros made in China. I know a few big militaria dealers, and in the early nineties they worked that place over. It was so close to the collapse of communism, and no internet, so they picked that stuff up dirt cheap. They said the best stuff came out of movie studios, and little theatres where anti Fascist plays were the norm. Panzer wraps, Helmets still in the tissue wrapped crates, all kinds of stuff came out then. Rolls of cuff titles, badges, etc. that were not cut. Now they know what the stuff is worth no cheap deals anymore. Some of the guys who went there are now banned from Russia. By the time they figured it out, most of the stuff was picked clean. You still have grave robbers, and metal detector detectives, but the primo stuff is now in museums or collections. The gun stuff is another issue. You can see how cheap SKS and SVT rifles are in Canada if we could import them. One store in Canada even had Russian SKS rifles w/ the spike bayonet. I never saw one of those here even when the flood gate was open to Russian rifles.
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