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It`s been a while since I was in the PU game,but now since I`ve found a new ex-sniper that I want to re-sniper It seems there are many more PU scopes and mounts available on the web.The prices seem to have gone down as well.
When I re-snipered my 44 izh. you simply had to shuck out $300 or more for a mount and scope,plus $60 or so for a bolt handle.John Zhu has the complete set plus drill,tap and screws for less than $300 thats nice.
What I wanted to know, are there any scopes and mounts I need to avoid? I know to stay away from the aluminum bases. I may not be able to buy the whole shebang from john so I might have to aquire my parts piecemeal.
Are there any real ww2 production scopes available from an online source or is it luck of the draw on ebay,gunbroker etc?
Are all the repro`s worthy of my cash or are there versions to avoid?
Thanks for any help and have a nice day!
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