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(This is posted simultaneously in John P. Sheehans WWI militaria and arms forum, The Military Mauser forum and the miltaria-swords-bayonets-edged weapons forum, and the German militaria forum)

Now here is an S98 variation you hardly ever see! It is a 1906 dated S98 that has been modified in Yugoslavia in the 1920s. As far as "Pristine WWI condition" goes, it is nowhere near being that, but it is an interesting addition to my small collection of yugoslavian modified S98/05 bayonets remade to the M24 and M24B pattern... This is the second S98 I've seen in a decade that has been modified to this configuration so I believe this is quite a rare variation. The S98/05s modified to this configuration are quite scarce, yet at least 20 of those turn up for every time I see one of these... So, I'm happy to have found it... :thumbsup:

S98 cut down with a standard yugoslavian M24 scabbard.

New crossguard that once had a yugoslavian muzzle ring that was again removed by the Germans during WWII, these bayonets really got around... And, there it is! The M24B (Cyrillic B) stamp.... Can't complain!

Only "ALE" remains of the old makers mark, I suppose that it was made by Alex Coppel. Note the square cleaning holes on the yugoslavian replacement grips....

Yugoslavian serial number (weapon number matched to rifle?) on the crossguard.

Prussian monogram of Wilhelm II over manufacture date 1906.

Here it is mounted on an M24 Mauser....

So, MikeS... Your turn to come along and state: "actually I have a crate of those, lots of variations, that i picked up for $20 some years ago...." :cry:


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Excellent find, congrats! Darn it, now I need one for my M1924b...!

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