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The series you have by Heinrich Hoffman aren't necessarily rare, but due to their scarcity, you could sell those to a collector for $40-$45 per book without much trouble. Undamaged examples could go for $60 per book.

Depending on the number of photographs and what they depict (home life, family portraits, troops in operation, battle scenes, etc.), the photo album could be valuable to a collector. Again, completely depends on the photo album, but they can go anywhere between $100 and $300 with original photos. The photo album, to me, is the cooler of the two. Even though you may not know the people in the photos, it's cool to think that someone decided that moment they captured was worth it given the cost and effort to preserve the roll, develop it, then put it in an album for safe keeping. Hope this helps!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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