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To all residents of citys, towns, and communes of
Stanislav District

Despite several prior warnings there are continued unauthorized demolitions of vacant buildings.

This is the last warning that such actions are forbidden.

Should anyone be caught destroying public buildings, such individuals will be punished to the fullest extend of the law.

Stanislav. October 7, 1943

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That's fantastic, thank you! That makes so much more sense than the garbled nonsense the computer translator was giving me.

Just for a little compare/contrast, member Tnic on SKSboards helped me out a little bit and came up with this:

To all the inhabitants of the cities, communities
counties and townships Stanislaviv

is stated that inhabited houses (Buildings, most likely)
is destroyed by irresponsible factors
target of repeated admonition.
In the latter warn that destruction
Not mine houses is strictly prohibited.

because it is repeated, uzhpyu
as the most stringent against any acts of thieves,
workers and spoilers (of) publicly (public)
property can be condemned to the most stringent
penalty to be them blindly in minutes.

Stanislav, day, October 7, 1943.

District Stdrostd
logistics departments

Dr. Iltshefer


Obviously there's some butchered language there. I'm not sure if that's the translators' fault, my fault for possibly mistyping some of the words into the translators, or the fault of the German writers lacking any fluency in Ukrainian. Either way, it was a fun little investigation.

So the Germans published a quaint little reminder in a Ukrainian rag, that any destruction by rebels to the newly occupied/stolen property will eventually get them shot.
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