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What might be different about these ak mags than the tapco things?

I went out Ak shooting with a friend of mine this weekend, and when he tried his brand new promag mags in his romy G kit build. They wouldn't shoot worth a darn. They sat too low in the rear and had too much wobble, and as a result, he got zero reliability. When the mags were in my WASR, they fit great and were 100% reliable. The tapco mags we each had functioned flawlessly in both. What could be the difference? They look nearly identical.

The upside is that I bought 2 of them from him for 10 bucks.

These were all 30 rounders.

Any advice?

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It could be a number of things between the mags and rifles, your mag well must be tighter then his. As for functioning it could be his mag catch is on the low end of spec while the mags might be close to being out as to height.
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